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The Peace Treaties With The Jews According to Sari'ah

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During the recent years the Muslim 'ummah have been afflicted with an immense catastrophe which could not have been imagined before its occurrence nor could anyone of the Muslim 'ummah think or suspect that such a thing would happen to them. It is the victory of the Jews, notwithstanding that they are a small group, over the Muslim 'ummah in four successive wars in which the Jews fought in one united front against the Muslims divided into divergent ranks. The Jews raised slogans that run counter to Islam, such as nationalism, patriotism, regionalism or mere defence of the land. The Arabs and the Muslims have been routed by their enemies, the Jews, in defeats which history does not know any instance of. Moreover, the Arab Muslims whom these defeats have affected concur about the indispensability of concluding peace and compromise with the Jews, saying that there is no alternative before them and offering the excuse that the Jews are helped by the Western nations and America while the Muslims have no power and authority in their favour.

And after having extended their hands for compromise with the Jews some of the Arabs have in fact concluded treaties with them calling these Peace Treaties. Since these treaties contain conditions that are invalid, more harmful and graver than defeats in the wars, and since people are asking about what should the Muslims' attitude be towards the Jews and towards the Peace Treaties that have been concluded, and because Allah Subh‚nahu wa Ta'‚l‚ has taken a covenant of those who are given knowledge to elucidate and not to conceal anything, I have liked to write briefly about the attitude which, according to sharÓ'ah, the members of the Islamic 'ummah should adopt towards these treaties they call Peace Treaties.